Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Targeted, paid traffic to drive conversions

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a strategy that involves paying directly to the search engines and or display networks to get traffic and/or impressions in front of your potential customers or clients. There are two main strategies of SEM, Pay Per Click (PPC) and Display Advertising.


Display Marketing

PPC marketing gives you the opportunity to get in front of your prospects at the moment they are looking for your product or service.  It is important to understand the best way to present yourself to both the prospect and the search engines when using this strategy, this will help to lower your cost per lead (CPL) and increase your return on investment (ROI).

A person responding to a paid search ad is typically a very quick decision maker, you need to present the information in a brief understandable way and give them several ways to connect with you.  If you construct your ad in the proper way, you will get more traffic to click through to your site and help increase your bottom line.

When people think of the search engines, Google Adwords is typically where they concentrate their budget.  With the right team monitoring the success of your campaign however, you may find that you are able to convert at a higher rate on another search platform.  You need to work with a firm that has the experience and flexibility to help discover what will drive the best ROI in your situation. At DML we are experienced in working with all of the major search engines to bring you the traffic and leads you desire!  After all, does it really matter where a customer or client comes from, if they become a customer or client?  Call today and we will help you determine the best path for you here!

Display advertising is about getting your brand out there in front of clients and/or keeping people that have visited your site engaged with your brand.  There are several networks available to run display advertising, DML will work with you to make sure you are in the right network and targeting the proper way to get you the best results.

Another way to utilize display advertising is through Remarketing also referred to as retargeting.  Remarketing is about re-engaging people that have been to your site and giving them a reason to come back.  This strategy will help you maximize your ROI on the traffic that is coming through all forms of marketing.  Contact  one of our Digital Marketing Specialists today to learn more!


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